In the year 1900 grandfather Gerrit Paulus Troost build a bakery plus lunchroom at the Zutphensestraatweg 22 in the village of Ellecom. A part of the building was meant and used already for letting rooms.

Baker Troost was not the only one; in the years that followed, the small village got six bakeries. Because of this tough competition grandson Paul was forced to stop in 1968. But this was not the only reason; Paul appeared to have a ‘flour-allergy’, not really pleasant for a baker…. So the bakery was closed and the whole building became an elderly home. In 1998 also this stopped and the old bakery was waiting for a new destination.

In the year 2000 we found this building and although it was empty at that time, we immediately loved it. We bought it with the idea of giving it back its old appearance and establish a bed&breakfast in it.

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